IDO, MASAO biography

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1945 Born in China

1946 Moved to Morioka in Iwate Prefecture

1959 Moved to Kyoto

1961 Worked as apprentice to Mitsuho Yoshida, traditional fabric dyeing artist

1972 Studied under Shigenari Otsubo, councilor of Nitten Exhibitions, one-man show in Kyoto

1973 Accepted for the Japanese Woodblock Print exhibition, received Grand Prize for the best woodblock prints. Received grand prize from the Nichido Gallery, received Sanki-kai prize.

1975 Proposed as councilor for Sanki-kai Prize. Decided not to enter public exhibitions in the future.

EXHIBITIONS: Galleries in Kyoto, Morioka, Tokyo, Okinawa, etc in Japan
USA, Canada, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France and China WORKS OWNED BY:
Kyoto City, Morioka City, Nanamaki City, Tono City, Fukuyama City, Matsue City, Kyosei-sho in China, City of Florence, County Museum of Los Angeles, Library of Congress, USA. PUBLICATIONS:
“Poems of Woodblock Prints—Four-season Colors in Japan”
“Mental Scenes—Kenji Miyazawa, Kobe expressed by woodblock prints”
“Masao Ido—His Works during 30 years”

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