Kunisada III



SERIES: Dai Nippon Shina Kairiku Gekisen Nippon Daishori no zu

(Japan-China woodblock print of Japan’s Great Victory from the series:

“Fierce Battles on Land and Sea”, an original ukiyoe triptych, 1895.

Center Panel written in Japanese—Chinese War ships fired on the Japanese warships at Nanyo Gulf.

The Japanese warships were sailing to a river to search for their cargo ship “Kisogawamaru”.

The Chinese Warship was sunk. The three Japanese war ships were safe.

They captured weapons and 82 Chinese prisoners who were sent under guard to Sasebo at 6 AM the next morning.

LEFT PANEL: Printed in August, the 27th year of Meiji, 1895 by Toyojiro Murakami.