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RYOHEI TANAKA BIOGRAPHY 1932—Born in Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture

1963—Studied etching under Professor Furuno

1964—Became a member of the Kyoto Etcher’s Society

1965—Commissioned by IGAS Edition by International Graphic Art Society of New York

1966—Invited to join the Japan Print Association, exhibited annually; One-man show at Yamada Art Gallery, Tokyo

1967—Invited to participate in the College Women’s Print Show, Japan

One-man show at S.H. Mori Gallery in Chicago

Invited to participate in Kyoto and Boston Sister City Art Exhibition in Boston

Participated in Modern Print Show at Oklahoma University

1968—Awarded the Konwakai Prize at Kyoto City Art Exhibition

Became a junior member of the Japan Print Association

Participated in the lst Biennial International di incisione in Italy

1969—One-man show at the Pymbol Gallery in Australia

1970—Published book of “A Fool’s Life” by Akutagawa Ryonosuke with his etchings in NY Published poetry book of “Hearth” by Cid Corman with his etchings

1971—Four Etchers Exhibition at Kyoto Prefectural Art Museum Awarded “New Talent Prize” at Kansai Kokugakai group show

1972—Invited to join Modern Japanese Prize Show at Sapporo Olympics

1973---Became a junior member of Kokugakai

Accepted for the International Print Competition of San Francisco Museum of Art

1974---First one-man at Hendricks Art Collection, Ltd. Bethesda, Maryland

1974—2006 Hendricks Art Collection, Ltd. CONTINUALLY EACH YEAR-ONE-MAN SHOWS

1975---Ljubljana International Print Biennale, Yugoslavia: awarded Purchase Prize; One-man shows at Japan Gallery, New York; One-man show at Maki Gallery, Nagoya; One-man show at Suiho Gallery, Tokushima

1976---Invited to participate in the 5th International Exhibition of Drawings in Yugoslavia; Invited to the 4th International Exhibition of Graphic Art, Frenchen, Germany

1977---Invited to participate in Modern Art Exhibition in Belgium; Two-man show at Suzuki Gallery, New York; One-man show Yamato House Gallery, Ma.; Japan and Canada; Print Show at the Japan-Cultural Centre, Canada; his work was introduced in the Galerie Brusberg Catalogue in German Book of Essays by Takashi Mizuno with etchings by Ryohei Tanaka, published By Chuseki-sha

1978—Contemporary Japanese Print Show at Hong Kong Art Centre

1979---One-man Show at JAPAN TODAY, Boston Modern Japanese Print Show, traveling show in Beijing and Shanghai

1980---Retrospective one-man show at Asahi Press Gallery sponsored by Asahi Press Exhibition of Japanese prints in Tsingtao

1981---One-man show at Gallery Surrounding, Soho, New York; One-man show at Gallery Tapies, Kobe

1984---Exhibition of Japanese prints in Beijing and Jukei.

1985---Two-man show of Ryohei Tanaka and N. Satoh at Odakyu Department Store; Participated in an exhibition of modern Japanese prints, New Delhi, India

1986---Book of “A Late Chrysanthemum” was published with Ryohei’s etchings by North Point Press in San Francisco. His etching “Takuhatsu Zen Monk (#2) collected by President Ronald Reagan

1987-One-man show at Kabutoya Gallery, San Francisco

1988—Japanese International Print Biennale of Ljublijana in Sakaide and Kawasaki included the works of Ryohei Tanaka. Exhibited at the Intaglio Prinkmaker’s Gallery in Melbourne

1989-- Nominated for the artist of Japan Quarterly cover design by the Asahi Press Participated in the exhibition of Modern Japanese Prints in Portland, Me.

1990—One-man show at Yano Bijutsu in Yonago City Retretti Exhibition at Art Center, Retretti, Finland

1991—Illustrations for a novel by Kondo Juzo

1992-2006-Exhibited continuously in CWAJ show

2007—Library of Congress, Washington, DC, Japanese Print Show

2008—Exhibited CWAJ show


Fogg Museum; Achenbach Foundation; Cincinnati Art Museum; Museum of Fine Art in Boston;

International Graphic Art Society in New York; Joseph H. Hirshhorn Collection, Washington DC;

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; Honolulu Academy of Art; Museum of Japanese Culture, Fl.; Springfield Museum of Art, Springfield, Ma; Portland Musem of Art; David Rockefeller Collection; Singapore National Museum.


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