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1920- Born in Tokyo

1943- Graduated from the National Tokyo Academy of Fine Arts, Department of oil painting

1964- Began studying the etching process

1967- Held his first one-man show of etchings

1968-Held second one-man show of etchings

1969- Was asked to participate in the Nippon Hanga Kyokai Exhibition

1970- Held a one-man show at Gallery Papier, Tokyo

1973- Became a full member of Nippon Hanga Kyokai and Shunyokai

1974- He was selected to be included in the Print Edition of "Original Graphics by 26 Modern Japanese Artists"

1974- Exhibited at Musee national d'Art Moderne, Paris

1974-1978 Held one-man shows annually at Hendricks Art Collection, Ltd. Bethesda, MD. The Hendricks Art Collection, Ltd. was the only gallery to purchase work directly from Mr. Okamoto

1978-'79-'80- His work was featured at Art Washington through the Hendricks Art Collection

2000- Passed away in Tokyo


Mr. Okamoto worked actively during the 1970's and 1980's, but did very little work during the 1990's. His technique is very painstaking as he applies the color to the copper plates which have been etched. He uses one plate for each of the different colors in the composition. He sometimes uses various sections of the plates to utilize the copper plates to the fullest extent.

His work is of the highest quality and he is known throughout the world for fine textured, colored etchings, which are completed in a totally Japanese manner (one plate for each color in the composition)

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