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1950- Born in Fukuoka, Japan

1970- Studied oil painting under Osamu Ioka in Fukuoka

1970-1978- Worked with the Independent Artists Group in Kyushu Sogen-ki

1972- Began woodblock printing, self-carving and self-printing

1970-1975- Printed silkscreens and lithographs and finally returned to woodblock printing

1975- Held his first woodblock print exhibition at the Fukuoka Cultural Center

1978- Held his first independent exhibition of woodblock prints at the Fukuoka Murakoshi gallery

1978- Exhibited at the renowned Watanabe Gallery in Tokyo

1980- One-man show at the Watanabe Gallery

1981- Participated in a group show at the Tenjin Kora Gallery

Moved to Kyoto and established his own studio

1982- Two group exhibitions

1983- Two group exhibitions

1984- Participated in the Kyoto Art Festival sponsored by the Federation of Art Galleries

Exhibited at the Sogo Department Store in Fukuoka

Exhibited in the College Women's Print Show, Tokyo

1985- Received an award from the Kyoto Federation of Art Dealers at the Kyoto Art Festival

Exhibited in the College of Women's Print Show, Tokyo

"Rainy Day" was purchased by the Asia Society, New York

1986-1992- Exhibited annually with the College Women's Print Show, Tokyo

1990- Exhibited at the Melbourne Etching Gallery, Australia

His works were exhibited in many galleries in the United States, Australia, Canada, and Hong Kong

1991- One-man show at Japanese Art Gallery in London

Visited Switzerland

1992- One-man show at Hachioji Sogo Department Store, Tokyo

One-man show at Kawaguchi Sogo Department Store, Tokyo

One-man show at Yuki Sogo Department Store, Tokyo

One-man show at Yokohama Sogo Department Store

One-man show at Gallery Trend in Shikoku

1992- "Morning Mist" and "Sixteenth Moon" were shown at the College Women's Print Show

1993- "Clouds on Peaks" and " Summer Moon" were shown at CWAJ Show

1994- "Landscape with Sluice" and "Dawn" were shown at CWAJ Show

1995- "Mountain Mist" and "Autumn" were shown at CWAJ

1996- "Soaring Snow" was shown at CWAJ

1998- "Autumn Lake" and "Prime of Spring" were shown at CWAJ

1999- College Women's Print Show


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