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Jeffrey Hendricks provides museum quality art to the community of Asian Art collectors. He buys collections of Japanese prints. He also conducts USPAP compliant appraisals of Japanese prints for insurance or any other purpose.














  Please call (301) 229-5100 or e-mail JeffHendricks301@gmail.com to purchase your copy. Price: $200.00

THE HENDRICKS ART COLLECTION, LTD. is the only source for this book world-wide.


TADASHI NAKAYAMA is one of Japan’s most successful woodblock print artists, although little is known about him and his very complicated technique.  A magnificent book entitled “Tadashi Nakayama: His Life and Work—Second Edition—his Complete Works” is being published at this time.  It will become the benchmark of all books on Japanese artists for decades.  Written by Kappy Hendricks and Jeffrey Sherwin Hendricks, it includes full color photographs of all of Nakayama’s woodblock prints, a complete catalogue raisonne and describes and illustrates his technique in rare detail.  It is a journey through the life of Tadashi Nakayama and shows in detail his inspirations, and the exquisite  works he has created.  His goal in creating each print was to reach an even higher level of creative brilliance by designing images which soar above all others.  This book will be an invaluable reference for museums, universities, art historians, scholars and collectors.



We welcome all collectors of Japanese Art Prints to The Hendricks Art Collection online gallery.  Call us at (301) 229-5100 to acquire any Japanese prints you see here.  We have been building and creating hundreds of Japanese
Art Collections for museums and private clients since 1970.  Our Collection is focused on both ukiyoe (antique) and Modern Japanese woodblock prints.  We also feature etchings and stencil prints by the leading artists using that media.   We have written the definitive catalogue raisonne on Tadashi Nakayama, known for his large, impressive compositions.  Nakayama creates exquisite prints of horses, girls and flowers using 24 carat leaf gold.  Joichi Hoshi is known for massive, intricate trees.  Hoshi’s prints were an official gift from the Japanese government to Henry Kissinger, the United States Secretary of State at the time.

Hajime Namiki is an extremely popular artist who creates stunning images of groves and single trees.  He too utilizes 24 carat leaf gold.  Shufu Miyamoto creates sweeping landscapes with beautifully shaded areas of mist, redolent of the clouds that cling to the mountains and valleys of Japan. 

Jeffrey Hendricks graduated with a BFA from New York University Tisch School of the Arts. Jeffrey formally joined the Hendricks Art Collection gallery in 1999. He has directed galleries in several cities, including New York and Houston, as he spread the word about museum quality Japanese prints. Jeffrey has passed two full courses on the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. All of his appraisals are USPAP compliant. Jeff has examined thousands of prints during his extensive mentorship with Kappy Hendricks. Assessing the constant flow of prints for appraisals prepared Jeff to appraise Japanese prints from the ukiyo-e period to the contemporary era.

"Starting in childhood, I grew up surrounded by art created by the greatest leaders of the Japanese Print movement. Time would stop when shipments of prints from Japan arrived. Kappy and I would marvel at the newest, and ever greater, images by some of the most creative and adept printmakers this world has seen."

-Jeffrey Hendricks



Showings by Appointment (301) 229-5100 or email: JeffHendricks301@gmail.com

 A history of the gallery:

The Hendricks Art Collection, Ltd.
is the oldest gallery in the United States specializing in modern Japanese Art Prints, and Japanese Woodblock Prints. It was established in Tokyo in 1965 and incorporated in the State of Maryland in 1970. Kappy Hendricks, President and owner, is a senior member of the American Society of Appraisers with a specialty in Japanese prints. She is an author, curator, lecturer and expert witness. The Hendricks Art Collection, Ltd. is the world wide exclusive representative outside of Japan for the Japanese Woodblock Artworks of Tadashi Nakayama. We are the largest dealer of Japanese Prints on the East Coast with a reputation for quality and authenticity. The Hendricks Japanese Art Collection purchases directly from the artists, as well as professionally appraised and authenticated collections that become available, and is also your source for professional Japanese Print Appraisals.

Kappy Hendricks is the world-wide expert on the works of  Tadashi Nakayama.  She is the author of his catalogue raisonne: Tadashi Nakayama:  His Life and Work.  She is also very familiar with the works of Joichi Hoshi as she was invited to his home to watch him work on several occasions before his death in 1979.

Early, rare and very recent Japanese art prints by Hajime Namiki are our specialty. We have been buying Japanese Artwork directly from Hajime Namiki since 1994. A number of leading American Museums have acquired Hajime Namiki woodblock Prints from us. We purchased the first Japanese Artworks directly from Shufu Miyamoto in the 1970s. (click on Shufu Miyamoto to be connected to his most recent works) In the 1980's, '90's, 2000- 2007, we have offered for sale images of all of the prints he has created. The Hendricks Art Collection, Ltd. became Koichi Maeda's exclusive representative outside of Japan in 2004. (See biographies and prints for sale) Click on "Artists"and "Artists" Works" on the homepage.

MEMBER: American Society of Appraisers and Who's Who in America


Our main gallery is located in Bethesda, Maryland. Showings are by appointment. We also consult regarding buying Japanese woodblock prints, collecting important Japanese artists, appraising collections, etc.

Contact: Jeff Hendricks
Call: (301) 229-5100
Email: JeffHendricks301@gmail.com


By appointment-exhibition of prints, consultation-regarding buying
Japanese woodblock prints, Important Japanese artists. etc. Appraising Collections

email: JeffHendricks301@gmail.com

We have a large number of prints which are not on our
website. Please do not be deterred by the large number of sold signs on
our site.  We have many more prints in our Bethesda, Md. Galleries.


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